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News: March 19

What will happen to cryptocurrency in the 2020s
What happened in crypto over the last decade

DISCUSSING THE IMPACT OF BIDEN'S EXECUTIVE ORDER ON CRYPTO In this episode of "Bitcoin Bottom Line," the hosts and guest discuss the potential impact on Joe Biden's crypto-related executive order. .
Mobile is the Future of Voting – Nimit Sawhney, CEO, Voatz

BITCOIN CAN BE THE FOUNDATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS The bad guys can’t stop Bitcoin, but Bitcoin can stop the bad guys. ....... 60 years ago, it was not Syrians, Afghans, Iranians and people from various African states who had to leave their homes and sought refuge. It was Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Jews, Poles, Russians and Germans who needed a new home before, during and after World War II. Displaced by an occupying power, by the ruling government and by hunger and war. ...... Reading these 30 articles, it becomes clear that the potential bad guy is often seen on the side of the state or government. ........ Bitcoin separates money from authorities. Bitcoin cannot be steered, created, destroyed or controlled in anyone's favor. Bitcoin is independent, antifragile, democratic and secure. .........

Proof-of-work makes Bitcoin the only independent cryptocurrency.

.......... 2.2 billion people are unbanked or underserved financially. ....... Bitcoin is the fulfillment of the desire for sound money. It exists. Compared to all other articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there is almost no need to fight for this right. It is unstoppable!

BITCOIN IS A MONETARY SYSTEM OF INTEGRITY Many of the failings we see in society today are a result of the values of fiat money being absorbed. ........ each individual is incentivized to seek the greatest fiat returns for their individual words and actions, as all are stuck on the fiat flywheel – all struggling to simply remain afloat amongst a sea of debt. ......... Integrity, the most important of all values, as none of the above virtues carry weight if integrity is found lacking, or inconsistent. Integrity encapsulates the basis for which an individual’s words and actions are deemed worthy of trust. ....... A society’s functionings (and provided incentives), when based upon a currency that is solely rooted in a lack of integrity such as a fiat currency, produce a citizenry that ultimately adopts the values of the currency itself. .

WHY THE PROPOSED EU BITCOIN BAN WOULD HAVE BEEN A MISTAKE The proposal, while shot down, is an example of growing misdirection in regulatory stances. .... You might not trust me, because Bitcoiners are all far-right drug-dealing gamblers that are environmentally bankrupting the planet as a hobby, according to the media. Let me tell you that I’m opposed to all of these things and yet spend the majority of my time educating others about the positive impact Bitcoin can have (and already has had) on the world. The good part is that you don’t have to trust me. .

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