Monday, July 08, 2024

Amazing Video Editing: Malang Malang

This video has amazing editing.

I first saw Disha Patani in the Kalki movie recently. Then I looked her up on YouTube. She is an up and coming talent. A year ago I similarly discovered Kriti Sanon, who I have seen more on YouTube than in any movie. Actually, I have not yet had a chance to see a full Kriti Sanon movie.

Many years ago I watched an entire Anushka Sharma movie without paying attention to her. It had Aamir Khan in it. I had never seen her. I had never heard her name.

A few weeks ago I came across the Disha Patani name in a YouTube video. She was seen greeting Tiger Shroff. You could only see her back. And I remember wondering, who is this Disha Patani? And, of course, I said her last name wrong. Then I went to see the Kalki movie, and there she was. She has performed well. I think she will do great work in the future.

Today I hit the gym and went to the weights section. I have done it before. But I was doing this after a long gap. I had been stuck on the treadmill. This shift to weights I credit to Disha Patani. She has been the inspiration. It is a great way to work on my posture.

Look at the density of this music video. You get splices that are one second long. An entire movie has been distilled into this music video. The seconds when the Kapurs are taking turns delivering their dialogues add to the intensity.

Just to give one example, look at the umbrella shots. Look at how well it is done.

And, of course, Patani's dance moves are just awesome. They are also presented well.

I still don't know what Malang means, by the way. I can guess. It has a positive ring to it. But that is why it meshes well with the music. You don't have to understand music to appreciate it.

P.S. Tiger Shroff gay hai kya? :)

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