Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Big Tech unites to self-regulate AI . Four giants in artificial intelligence are joining forces to ensure "safe and responsible development of frontier AI models." Anthropic, Google, Open AI and Microsoft (LinkedIn's parent company) announced the formation of the Frontier Model Forum on Wednesday in response to anxieties about AI's power and potential. It will focus on three fronts: setting up best practices, conducting AI safety research, and establishing secure ways of sharing information between companies, governments and stakeholders.

Google shakes off advertising slump The tech behemoth notched $74.6 billion in second-quarter revenue, up 7% over last year, as the ad market bounces back from a post-pandemic slowdown. Executives cited a strong showing from Google's core search engine business and video platform YouTube. Revenue from Google's cloud business also came in slightly hotter than expected, growing 28% as Google looks to bundle cloud services with new tools powered by generative artificial intelligence. ........... The key for using Homo silicus in research? Careful bias management and data fidelity ........ do cultures tolerate body odor differently?

ChatGPT Is Replacing Humans in Studies on Human Behavior—and It Works Surprisingly Well . an LLM replicated human responses in numerous classical psychology experiments ........ Most online content is dominated by just a handful of languages. An LLM trained on these data could easily mimic the sentiment, perspective, or even moral judgment of people who use those languages—in turn inheriting bias from the training data. ......... faster ways to move data, using ultrafast laser pulses in free space and optical fiber. ....... With electrons, the maximum speed for transmitting data is a nanosecond, one-billionth of a second, which is very fast. But the optical switch we constructed was able to transmit data a million times faster, which took just a few hundred attoseconds........ the James Webb Space Telescope recently transmitted stunning images from far out in space. These pictures were transferred as data from the telescope to the base station on Earth at a rate of one “on” or “off” every 35 nanoseconds using optical communications. ...... someday computers themselves might run on light.

The Digital Future May Rely on Optical Switches a Million Times Faster Than Today’s Transistors

A new partnership to promote responsible AI
Microsoft, Anthropic, Google, and OpenAI launch Frontier Model Forum

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