Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A City In The Amazon

The Ultimate Megacity: 100 Million People

Would it be possible to build cities in the Amazon forest without disturbing the flora and fauna? Cities that are the bedrock of the biotech industry that is 100% dependent on the Amazon. These cities might be the best guards of the forest. They will keep the Amazon going strong.

The cities will probably rely a lot on the Amazon for its transportation needs. Water transportation would be key.

You would not be allowed to clear the forest. Which means no ground floors. You sink in pillars and raise them up, and your floor is up there. There can't be roads. Which means your way out of the city is through the river. The exit is to the river. No noisy airports allowed. But hydro dams should provide plenty of clean electricity.

There would be a lot of glass walls. Perhaps all external walls would be glass walls. There would be so much to see. Why would you deprive yourself!

I guess you could go tall with the buildings: more things to see! And if you go tall enough, you might even be allowed a helipad or two. The choppers would have a minimum height they would not be allowed to descend below. There would be drones flying around to bring in real time video feeds of parts of the forest you might want to see.

There would be forest floor see-cubicles. You go down there, and you look around, and you see. It is all glass in all directions down there.

What would a walk in the park mean in such a city?

I guess you could be allowed electric drones that would fly you around in the canopies. Cars for the forest city. No noise, no exhaust.

If you build the city tall enough, taller than the tallest trees, you could then erect a much bigger city up there.

So if the tall trees are 200 feet, and one story is 10 feet, after 20 stories, you could then build big buildings. But the ground is probably soft, it might not sustain too tall buildings.

These cities would be sustainable hugely because biotech is big money. And these cities would in turn sustain the forest itself.

You would go from city to city in speed boats in the Amazon river.

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