Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watching The World Cup In NYC

Watching the World’s Game, in the World’s City
Outside Brazil, there is no better place to experience the world’s sport than the world’s city. Passion for soccer runs deep in New York ..... In 2013 alone, nearly 900,000 Brazilians visited New York City ..... Tonic, a three-story sports bar in Times Square that has been the de facto headquarters for the Netherlands during World Cups past. .... Amsterdam Ale House 340 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan ..... To love Italian soccer is to suffer passionately. To follow the Azzurri is to be superstitious. ..... El Pequeño Coffee Shop 86-10 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens
The World Cup Takes New York
World Cup Fever in New York's Little Brazil
World Cup Fever
World Mug: Here are New York's Best Soccer Bars
The 20 best New York bars for watching the World Cup
Best Bars To Watch Soccer

New York Times: Full Coverage

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