Friday, November 21, 2014

The Subatomic

It is misleading to try and take the eye level reality to the subatomic. At the subatomic we enter the boundaries of matter-energy duality. It is not surprising that along those borders particles behave both as matter and energy. It is like melting ice becomes both ice and water. Evaporating water becomes both water and steam. You are on the borderline.

Just like there is no mitochondria at the atomic level, because the mitochondria is a cellular level reality, there are no alternate universes. You can not extrapolate from the subatomic to the eye level reality and say, in another universe I am not drinking coffee right now, because that is another choice I could have made. That alternate universe does not exist. I don't think so.

Just like the naked eye only sees a narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum, I feel like our current tools only see a narrow spectrum of what is the subatomic reality. And what we can't "see" is dark matter. Just like the speed of light is a limit of sorts. Maybe the dark matter is not only stuff we don't know, don't see, it is maybe unknowable, unseeable. We are boxed into a narrow space. We know you are out there, but we will never know you.

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